2012 New York

"I never in a million years thought that I would ever go to jail... but he put a gun to my head. And even when he said: say goodbye to Emily. I just kept thinking, this can't be real".
- Amy Jo Meacham

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Amy Jo Meacham, 42, was released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York State on February 6th 2012. A survivor of domestic violence, she received an eight-year sentence for an injury her boyfriend sustained despite the fact that she acted in self-defense. Since her release, she has participated in Hour Children's program that provides support for women transitioning back into society. After losing everything, Amy hopes to regain the right to see her daughter who she has not seen in over seven years. She hopes her story will help other women suffering from abuse and advocates for the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, most recently, telling her story to the legislators in Albany.